How do I learn rubber band magic?

Answer Rubber band magic is a simple but impressive form of magic that can be performed with a few rubber bands. It's a little bit harder than traditional magic tricks because it puts more demand on your ... Read More »

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How to Propel a Rubber Band?

Rubber bands are often used to hold things together, such as decks of cards and stacks of papers. But everyone knows that the greatest use of a rubber band is to use it as a projectile.

How to Do Rubber Band Penetration?

How we can separate two rubber bands from each other? Is it possible? is.This is a baffling and quite visible penetration.

How to Shoot a Rubber Band Like a Gun?

Shooting rubber bands off your fingers is an easy thing to learn and can be done anywhere. Shooting it like a gun is a little more difficult, but still worth learning. By starting with your left ha... Read More »

How far can a rubber band stretch?

A large (.006m thick, .08m diameter) rubber band will stretch to .124m at room temperature without breaking. This is a conservative figure however, as folk methods of dead-reckoning indicate that ... Read More »