How do I lay wood decking over a cement patio?

Answer A cement patio is practical but lacks the warmth and character of wood decking. Installing decking over discolored or cracked cement is easier and more attractive than attempting cement patio repai... Read More »

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How to Install Ceramic Tile Over Wood Decking?

Ceramic tile should be laid over surfaces that are solid, flat and inflexible, since movement under the tile can cause cracks. As such, wood decking is not the preferred base for ceramic tile. Howe... Read More »

Can I put wood over radiant cement flooring?

Yes, you can put wood over radiant cement flooring. Before installation, be sure to allow the subfloor to release as much moisture as possible. Also, you should use a vapor retarder between the sub... Read More »

Can you put decking oil over old decking stain?

depends on the effect you want. stain covers scratches/ oil does not. check the compatibility of what you previously used with what you want to use. remember, once you put the oil down, you will no... Read More »

Does a cement&steel building withstand earthquakes better than a wood&cement building?

Buildings using cement and steel in their framing have the highest ductility or resistance to breaking over that of wood and cement, according to the general rules and parameters for structural cla... Read More »