How do I lay st. augustine sod?

Answer Prepare the SoilRent a sod cutter and remove the existing lawn in its entirety. Use a rototiller to till the soil down to 4 inches deep. Clear the ground of any debris, rocks, roots or anything tha... Read More »

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How do I lay St. Augustine grass?

Prepare SoilTest the lawn soil pH, as St. Augustine sod grows best in a pH of 5.0 to 8.5. Work limestone into the soil if the pH is below 5.0 or ground rock sulfur if the soil pH is higher than 8.5... Read More »

How to Sod St. Augustine Grass?

St. Augustine is a favorite grass for southern temperatures and climates. The grass offers medium hardiness, and can live in both dryer and wetter conditions. St. Augustine grass is usually propaga... Read More »

Where is St. Augustine, Florida?

St. Augustine, Florida, is in the northeastern part of the state on the Atlantic Coast, about 27 miles southeast of Jacksonville. The Spanish founded St. Augustine in 1565, and the Florida communit... Read More »

St. Augustine Grass Vs. Bermuda?

Both St. Augustine and Bermuda grass are grasses used by many gardeners, companies and sporting arenas, depending on their needs. St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass are preferred for different r... Read More »