How do I lay sod over a bare lawn spot?

Answer PreparationDig away any dead grass or lawn debris from the bare spot.Cut the SodUse a knife to cut the sod to match the bare spot. Hold the sod over the bare spot to make sure it is sized and shape... Read More »

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How do I fix bare patches in the lawn?

Prepare the AreaRemove any remaining dead grass and rake the area to loosen the soil. If soil is low or lacking, fill it with a high-quality topsoil to match the level of the surrounding area. Mix ... Read More »

How to Repair a Bare Patch of Lawn?

Bare patches of lawn are sometimes commonplace and there are any number of reasons why they might occur - grubs, poultry scratching, disease, shade, compaction etc. Compaction is the most common re... Read More »

Do you have bare spots in your lawn?

do the same thing with burlap i like it better you do not have to remove until grass is coming trough cut piece use nails to hold, it works great can use burlap over many times just keep watered

How to Grow Grass in Bare Spots in Your Lawn?

Bare spots in the lawn can frustrate a homeowner with a vision of a lush and healthy green yard. A good place to start in eliminating this annoying eyesore is to determine your yard's soil composit... Read More »