How do I launch an application from a web page?

Answer To launch an application from a web page, a user does not need to be a NASA-level computer genius. Some very attainable knowledge of computer coding is really the only essential. Before you know ... Read More »

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How do you add the "Donate" application button to a Facebook page?

that isnt possible unless you develop an application and put the code into an HTML file that is hosted on your own paid server

When you visit a web page this page is memorized in the pc. Is there a way to erase this page from the memory?

Yes its easy! whenever you visit a web page your browser stores a copy of this page in your pc's (cache) or temporary files for later fast visiting. you can remove it from Tools > Internet Options ... Read More »

How can you have more than 12 page application in your iphone4?

No they cant because the iphone 4 has cameras on the front and the back. They are also fatter that the 3GS.

What was to first manned launch using to Saturn v launch vehicle?