How do I know when to stop seeding utorrent?

Answer A uTorrent is a bit torrent client or software that allows peer to peer file sharing. Bit torrent allows the faster downloading of large files from many computers at once compared to downloads from... Read More »

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What is BitTorrent seeding?

BitTorrent seeding is the process of providing a complete file for upload to other BitTorrent users. Without seeders, BitTorrent would not work as a file distribution service.DefinitionA file that ... Read More »

How to Find out if You Are Seeding in a P2P?

Peer-to-peer clients rely on two types of connections to share files between users. The first is known as a "peer" connection. Peers are computers that have a percentage of a file but not the entir... Read More »

The Purpose of Seeding?

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