How do I know when my period is over?

Answer now you have to check with the doctor and check how come the color is the brown,normally the colour is red and it starts to ends for four days or five days,btw when u have period,u shouldn't eat co... Read More »

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If you don't know when your period is when should you take a pregnancy test?

2 days within ur missed period or if u at least know what time of the month ur usual period like if u know it's late in the month take it then. if u have no idea go 2 a docter they have better tests

How to Know when You'll Get Your First Period?

If you are facing your first period, or feel like you are about to, the more you know about what to expect, and the reason this is happening, the better you will be able to face it. Here are some s... Read More »

Does a girl know when she's on her period ?

not all the time some feel the pain and some don'tbut anyways maybe it arrived while u was fingering her

How to Know when You're Starting Your Period?

Scared about your period? Don't worry, it's a part of life for girls. Or, do you think you might start soon? Take these steps to see if you might be starting soon.