How do I know when I need more memory?

Answer Its easy, programs start running really slow, it takes a long time for the computer to log you in you session, and when you open more than a program (or even just one program) your computer perform... Read More »

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I Need More Memory For My Computer?

You can get an external HDD with USB/SATA/1394 connections of 500GB for like 100-120USDor 1TB (1024GB) for like 150-180 USD

What do I need to buy for more memory on a computer?

Random Access Memory can help improve the speed of your computer. RAM is used to store information before it is written to or read from a hard drive, according to It also allows m... Read More »

Do I need a memory card to take more pictures?

Yes you do. You are currently taking picture with the built-in memory(which is very small).Your camera supports SD memory card up to 2GB in size, or SDHC up to 8GB in size.Radio Shack? Here:http:... Read More »

If I add more memory to my laptop. will I need to reinstall all my software Can I add an external drive?

Another drive "may" speed up performance of the existing drive if you use it to transfer all non system files such as documents, music & video off the C: drive.This will allow the C drive to defrag... Read More »