How do I know what display adapter my computer is using?

Answer go to your display adapters again, pick one and disable it. If you still have an image, it was the other one. if your screen goes blank, it was that one.

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How do you display video on a philips tv using a hdmi to dvi cable that's connected to the pc via a dvi to vga adapter?

You cannot connect a HDMI to a VGA video output on a computer. VGA is an analog signal and the DVI adapter connects it to the analog pins on the DVI cable (a DVI-I cable has both analog and digital... Read More »

Looking for a wireless USB adapter for computer?

helloYou will need to have a router that can give you a long distance signals so it can move the signal thro the walls of your house, also you will need 2 USb wirless 150 or 300n with a 8 DBi anten... Read More »

How do i connect an adapter to my computer?

Examine the item you wish to connect to your computer. It can be a mouse, keyboard USB device or other item that needs an adapter. Look at the current connection to determine the type of adapter. I... Read More »

Definition of an Adapter Card in a Computer?

Adapter cards for computers come in many different shapes and sizes and have many different functions. Adapter cards, also called expansion boards, according to, are pieces of hardwar... Read More »