How do I know what display adapter my computer is using?

Answer go to your display adapters again, pick one and disable it. If you still have an image, it was the other one. if your screen goes blank, it was that one.

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How do you display video on a philips tv using a hdmi to dvi cable that's connected to the pc via a dvi to vga adapter?

You cannot connect a HDMI to a VGA video output on a computer. VGA is an analog signal and the DVI adapter connects it to the analog pins on the DVI cable (a DVI-I cable has both analog and digital... Read More »

I bought a sesame street music player and it has a jack but no adapter. How do you know which 9 volt adapter to use for it?

How do I know which file system my computer is using FAT,FAT32 NTFS?

You are using Windows 98 on your C Drive then there must be FAT 32 of partition type bcoz Windows 98 doesn't support NTFS. although XP support both FAT 32 and NTFS partitions but if you are able to... Read More »

You are trying to use a Nikon ES-1 slide copying adapter with your Nikon D40 with 18-55mm zoom lens without succes you have also tryed using it with adapter rings BR-5 and Br-3 without success.?