How do I know my fish are pregnant?

Answer Aquarium fish such as Guppies and Mollies make their babies inside of their bodies as opposed to goldfish who lay eggs. You can tell your fish is pregnant by looking at her physical appearance and ... Read More »

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How do i know if my pond fish are pregnant?

Breeding pond fish is easier than many people think. There are not very many requirements for the process--if conditions are right and there are both male and female fish present in the pond, they ... Read More »

How to Know How Many Fish You Can Place in a Fish Tank?

The stocking level of your tank is as much of an art as a science. The aim is, generally, to know the maximum amount of fish you can keep without overcrowding.

How can you know if you are pregnant without taking a test and if you are young what do you do if you are pregnant?

Answer There really isn't a good way to know if you are pregnant or not unless you take a test at home or in the doctors office. You can get pregnancy tests at any drug store and most grocery stor... Read More »

Im 11 weeks pregnant but dont know if i feel pregnant is this possible?

Answer Usually the closer you get to the second tri you will start to feel better because your hormones are starting to level off. Enjoy it, I am 9 weeks and am losing weight because all I do is v... Read More »