How do I know if this is a paper cut! NEED HELP FAST PLZ?

Answer pretty sure if you "cut yourself on paper" its a paper cutyes you have all the charastcs of paper cuts... THEY HURT SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD!!!! bandage it.

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OK, I need help fast, this is kinda serious?

Avast Home Edition: Avast home edition is free and effective, it protects your PC from infected webpages, scans your downloads and emails for viruses (AVG free does neither) and has built in anti-r... Read More »

I know I keep asking this but I really need help. Is this a good laptop?

Why not get something like a Lenovo,Sony or a Dell for the same price? Toshiba has always got very low ratings from buyers even HP has better rep than Toshiba. Any computer built in the last 10 y... Read More »

Coldsore scab on nose.... help! I need this to heal FAST!?

If it's not healing properly, it may be infected in which case you'll need a dose of antibiotics. It's infected if it is continuously weeping fluid, or there's pus, it's turning green or yellow, an... Read More »

Help! I need to know what I can for a random drug test that's fast, handy and gaurenteed?

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