How do I know if something that's on my big toe is a corn?

Answer A corn looks kinda like an inverted cone - you can see it there in your skin.You probably won't listen :P but you REALLY should see a doctor as corns can be serious. The body doesn't realise the th... Read More »

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Does anyone know something to take off viruses thats complately free not just the scan?

What is something i could cook, thats tasty?

1.mix eggs with cheese.first mix 2-3 eggs together with chopped vegetables.put a little salt in it.slice white n or red onion. Mix into the egg.fry the egg together.then spread cheese all over unit... Read More »

How do i delete something thats been downloaded onto my laptop?

Reinstall it then remove it with REVO uninstaller.

What is 5% of £1200 thats all i need to know?

10% is £120 - HALF of THAT, - 5% = £60