How do I know if my pierced ear is infected?

Answer you would know that your ear is infected if it starts to itch, bleed, and turn colors, and throb with a lot of pain. since you have barely gotten your ears pierced it is normal that the skin would ... Read More »

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Is my pierced nipple infected?

I kind of doubt it, if those are your only symptoms. Healing piercings itch and have a discharge, that's normal. Granted, your piercing should be fairly far along in the healing process (about 9 mo... Read More »

How to Treat Infected Pierced Ears?

People get their ears pierced for many reasons but keep them free of infection is something that everyone need to do. By cleaning your ears often you will be able to keep them free of infection but... Read More »

I recently got my second hole pierced at clares and now it is infected what can i do to fix it ?

just because its red and swollen doesnt automatically mean infection. 1st that gun they use cant be properly sanitized. 2nd the posts they pierce you with are usually to short and put a lot of pres... Read More »

If you were allergic to the metal when you got your belly button pierced would it be alright for you to get a tattoo or will it get infected?

AnswerGetting a piercing is completely different from getting a tattoo. Also there are way to many variables for why people get infections after piercing. For some they have problems because they w... Read More »