My garden gnome is planning something...?

Answer You are going about this the wrong way, you want to befriend him. Ask him where he got those bitchng brown boots, ask him where he got his green suit and dashing hat. TEll him he has a winning smil... Read More »

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I'm planning on getting an Orange Th 30?

30 watts is not enough to gig any size venue if you have a drummer playing with you. The 100 watt version will provide more power, and probably more gain as well. In fact, after reading the reviews... Read More »

Is chase website down (cant log in, getting a something something undergoing maintanance blah blah)?

Yelp they are down.The problem is with one of their servers ,They carry a lot of secure transaction every minute of every day ..And one of the Sun server computers kind of got locked up and in the ... Read More »

How do you know something is organic. Dose it taste better or you know when you pay twice the price?

usually it is how it is advertised. you can't really taste the difference.

Planning on doing a laser teeth whitening then am getting braces after a month.?

I'd wait until you get the braces off because your teeth may get less white on the part of the tooth that is exposed when you have brackets on and then you'll end up with bracket marks. However, if... Read More »