How do I know if a fax was sent?

Answer That is correct. If your fax machine said that there was no answer, then the other end did not answer & receive the fax. The series of beeps you heard were the tones sent by the fax machine to init... Read More »

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How to know to who all i have sent a facebook request to?

there is no way to tell because there is no pending requests page on facebook

How to Know If Sent Mail Has Been Received?

Some email providers offer users the option of requesting a return or read receipt from the recipient to confirm that the email was received. Other email providers do not offer a return receipt opt... Read More »

A stranger sent me this: I don't know what to think of it.?

100% scam.There is no one dying of cancer who has millions to give to some charity and needs an overseas partner's bank account to help process the money.There is only a MALE scammer trying to stea... Read More »

I sent my pen-pal a letter and I'd like to know around how much time it will take to arrive?

I'd say around a week. I also understand why you don't use email there is something far more satisfying and thoughtful about a real letter through the post.