How do I know if I've pulled/torn a muscle?

Answer You might have pulled it, I would see a doctor to make sure.

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How do i know if i pulled a muscle?

You have probably just pulled a muscle, as when you run, you swing your arms. I suggest resting your shoulder for a few days, ice the point where it hurts for like 15-20 4-5 times a day if you can.... Read More »

Do you know any remedies for a sprained muscle?

Sorry...You will out of duty for awhile...only rest will heal...

Pressure on lower trigger point of the Rhomboid muscle, what do you know about it?

Yeah, my rhomboid area got messed up a few years ago, I use to ski alot am a surfer and a sailor. Ice and massages helped, took about 6 or 7 weeks for it to heal. It never really healed, but it is... Read More »

Does anyone know what elevated muscle enzymes could mean?

Well he referred to your abnormal bloodwork results as abnormal "muscle" enzymes and not elevated cardiac muscles enzymes. He might think that you have rhabdomyolitus which is when there is destruc... Read More »