How do I know if I'm being watched?

Answer bootnuke and change passwords

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How can i tell if my monitor is being watched?

That's just it... if they don't want you to know when they are watching what you are doing, because they installed software to be able to monitor you in secret, then there really *is* no way of kno... Read More »

Is my Computer being hacked, exploited, spied, watched, infiltrated...etc. ! (Read Before You Answer)?

I’m no expert when it comes to hacking, but…I run XP on my computer. If you run a different version of Windows, this path may vary.Firstly, on your desktop click Start\Control Panel\System. Now... Read More »

What show was it that had a dinosaur robot in the destert with a group of kids. I have no idea but I watched it years ago. I do not know the name. Do you know what the name is?

The show I think you are looking for is zoids chaotic cenctorie. (not a good speller)

Cannot record onto the hard drive of my YAMADA recorder via video plus OK from picture being watched?

this sounds like you only have one feed into the system and a single turner.If you recifty this then you will be able to record whilst watching a d ifferent channel.Let me know how you have connect... Read More »