How do I know if I got raped or just pressured into having sex?

Answer if u said no...then yes its rape!

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How to Avoid Being Pressured Into Sex?

So you've got a special someone on your mind? Lucky you! Sometimes that someone can want to make it a little TOO special...and here's how to make sure that things only go as far as YOU want them to.

I am pressured to circumcise my 8 week old son?

I'm so sorry you're in this situation, what you need to do is hold strong for your son and not circumcise him. You shouldn't have to feel pressured into making the wrong decision. And circumcision ... Read More »

Pressured spray cans?

Dispose of it. The pressure has been compromised, it is not safe to handle.(Redneck suggestion...if you have a BB gun, put it in the back yard or away from anything important and try shooting it)

I am being pressured by my mother to pluck my eyebrows, are they that bad ?

It's surprising that you've never actually plucked them at least a little,because they are very good-looking!Thick eyebrows don't nessecarily mean bad-looking eyebrows.They could be regarded ugly i... Read More »