How do I know if I broken my ankle/foot?

Answer Just fly over to the UK and you can have some x-rays for free on our NHS! :o)To be honest, the only way you're going to know for certain if its broken is if you have the x-rays. If you can walk on ... Read More »

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How do I know if my wrist is broken?

How do i know if my legs broken?

Seriously... why have you not gone to the emergency room or your Urgent Care facility? We can not assess a broken leg via internet. You need an xray now.

How do i know if my hand is broken?

Oh, Go to the Doctor. I fell on my hand once and swore it was broken, the x-ray showed no break. The Dr conceded it could be a hairline fracture. It hurt like hell for days. Put some ice on it at l... Read More »

How to Know If A/C Compressor Is Broken?

A car's air conditioning compressor can fail due to a lack of lubricant or a mechanical issue, and a broken compressor usually will have to be replaced. Checking for a broken compressor involves us... Read More »