Why do I think I'm pretty but know I'm ugly?

Answer I feel like that sometimes, you captured it perfectly.I think girls are just really insecure about their appearances, and sometimes it's nice to actually feel attractive... even if you're kinda jus... Read More »

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How To Know If A Woman Is Pretty Behind Her Makeup?

you can tell by the amount she's wearing, if she's wearing ALOT of makeup, then she's probably not, cuz that means she's tryna hide something, most girls with a natural beauty know it, and don't we... Read More »

How do you know if you're good-looking, beautiful, pretty, attractive, etc. to anyone?

This is an interesting question that I've wondered about before. I mean, friends often tell each other that they're good looking but you don't always know if they're being completely honest. I thin... Read More »

Have you ever looked at a "Am I Pretty" question and it turned out that you know the person who's in the pic?

ooo yea i do worry if people ik will see it, well i s'pose i shouldn't ask those questions in the first place.HAHA if i ever saw somebody i knew on here i would have to confront them eventually, or... Read More »

Do you know anyone who speaks fluent Cajun and/or Louisianan-French Or is it pretty much a dead language now?

Louisiana French Creole and Cajun is spoken by few in this area. And though I would say it is dead. It is definitely dieing. Only the very elderly speaks French and there is deep seated belief that... Read More »