How do I know if I am correctly doing these sit ups?

Answer Make sure you keep your back and neck straight. Do not sit up using your neck to pull you up.Also do them slowly, don't rush yourself.And the pain is normal when you first start working out. It's j... Read More »

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How to Use "A" and "An" Correctly?

It can be a little confusing to figure out where "A" and "An" are used. Here is the proper way to use them.Note to Reader: A and An rules may differ in different countries. These rules are based in... Read More »

How to use 下 and 以下 correctly?

以下 is used for numbers and as "following".By number, I mean like 100以下 (100 or below). 100 must be included.By following, I mean like "in the following sentence".

How to Use "Etc." Correctly?

You might think that it's easy to use et cetera, which translates to "and others" or, more literally, "and the other things", and is abbreviated as "etc.". Surely everyone knows how to use "etc." c... Read More »

How to Use "Too" and "To" Correctly?

Are you used to seeing "to" and "too" mixed up too many times? A common mistake, the use of "to" or "too" is very easy to differentiate between and once you know how to tell, you can teach others h... Read More »