You wanna know how i know Tyreesha jones is white or non-black?

Answer on these "tyreesha questions" this is what im posting"tyreesha jones ISN'T BLACK.she is a person who is racist against black people pretending to be black with her "authentic afro" avatar.trying to... Read More »

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On my iTouch there is a black rectangle squarish black spot...does anyone know what it is And what it is for PLEASE tell me SOON?

It's a faulty pixel on the LCD screen matrix. Very common. Can be denied as a fault by many manufacturers of LCD screens and referred to instead as a "screen feature", thus allowing for warrantees ... Read More »

How do you know if you have black algae?

Black algae are tiny black hard dots on the plaster. They have a crust that must be broken for treatment to be effective. You can get a special wire bristle brush to attach to your tele pole that w... Read More »

How Do I Know If a Black and Decker 12V Cordless Is Charging?

A Black & Decker 12-volt cordless drill uses a rechargeable battery pack to power the drill. The battery should be recharged as needed using the battery charger. If you are unsure if the battery pa... Read More »

Does anyone know where I can get a black projector screen? Black Diamond gives you what you want in a commercial grade. Sam's Club had the Sony version about 2 years ago and I wish I would have bought one when they had... Read More »