How do I know blonde hair will suite me?

Answer Honey, no one looks good with bleached blonde hair. Its just disgusting. Please stick with your beautiful natural hair color, I'm sure you look better in it. Besides you might develop this sort of ... Read More »

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How to Know If Blonde Hair Will Suit You?

Changing your hair color is more than simply picking a shade you like; you need to look at the bigger picture. Many women want to go blonde but don't consider whether it will suit them. Always reme... Read More »

I have light blonde hair and I don't know if using XXL 00B Max Blonde dye with make it go white?

only bleaching will make blonde hair go white but its very bad for your hair, you best best is to just use silver shampoo's they're great :)

I'm 10 and I want to know if dyeing my hair black will make me look more mature im blonde so plz answer?

Haha, probably not. It'll probably make you look emo. If you wanna 'look' mature, do your homework and chores and go to bed early.

Will dying your hair with coffee work on dark blonde hair?

Yes but it will wash out much quicker than dye, so keep going to Starbucks lol.