I wonder how many of us know each other but just don't know it's us!?

Answer You made me smile! I think about that every single time I get on Y/A! I say we all be proud of each other that we are mothers (or fathers) and support each other in the tough but rewarding time in ... Read More »

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How do i stop my dad watching pervy videos on youtube without letting him know i know?

Talk to your dad about computer security. Ask him if he knows about the History thing, and that you think YouTube is watching where we go. OR, tell him that you want to show him a cool video at ... Read More »

I lost my phone and i need to know its exact location, know any online trackers?

I want to know the name of this place its located in dallas. i do not know where?

Odd question I know, but do you know any recipes that include Biltong or Jerk Beef?

(((Nikon)))I emailed my brother who is an EXCELLENT chef to see if he knew of any recipes and will let you know what his response is.In the meantime, here is a page I pulled from the web that gives... Read More »