How do I kill paper wasps?

Answer Paper wasps, or "umbrella wasps" as they are sometimes called, are usually a docile type of insect and generally considered helpful to the environment as they feed on harmful garden pests. The nest... Read More »

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No-Kill Way to Get Rid of Wasps?

The most effective way to get rid of wasps is to get rid of their nest, which can be done without harming the wasps themselves. If you can accomplish that task, the wasps will find somewhere else t... Read More »

How to Kill Bees & Wasps?

An electrifying pinch followed by a hot, red, angry welt is often a sign that a wasp or bee has stung you. For most people, the sting is painful for a short time and then eases. But for some people... Read More »

How to Kill Wasps in the Loft?

Wasps prey primarily on other insects and are generally a beneficial insect. They should only be considered an annoyance or potential danger when they nest near or inside your home. In most cases, ... Read More »

How do i kill wasps in my yard?

Look for wasp nests in quiet, shady, out-of-the-way areas. Or watch them as they fly and wait for them to return to their nest. Treating their nest is the best way to kill wasps in your yard.Purcha... Read More »