How do I kill mold on a tent without bleach?

Answer Lemon JuiceSet up your tent on a warm, sunny day. Fill a bucket half way with warm water and add a cup of lemon juice. Use a scrub brush to scrub the area of the tent that is moldy. Hose off the ar... Read More »

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Does bleach kill mold?

Bleach kills mold on solid, non-porous household surfaces. Bleach, however, does not kill the mold spores that escape into the air as you clean the non-porous surfaces. Many porous materials ruined... Read More »

How much bleach is needed to kill mold?

A 1:10 ratio of bleach to water will treat most kinds of household mold on surfaces that can tolerate bleach. Test a hidden area or check the label to confirm bleach is safe for fabrics. Never mix ... Read More »

How do I kill& clean mold with bleach?

Use Safety PrecautionsWear protective gloves and a face mask to prevent contact with the mold and to prevent inhalation of the mold spores. Sweep away the visible mold with an old broom or scrub br... Read More »

How do i kill mold on carpets without bleach?

VinegarVacuum the carpet thoroughly before treating. Spray undiluted distilled white vinegar onto the carpet. Do not saturate but use enough to cover the mold area. Allow to dry and repeat several ... Read More »