How do I kill everything in my yard so nothing will ever grow.?

Answer pave it!

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How can i kill poison ivy in my yard?

Poison ivy [Toxicodendron radicans] is the scourge of the backyard and can prevent people from having a perfectly lovely afternoon outside. The reaction from coming into contact with this plant (an... Read More »

How do I kill ants in the yard?

Treating Ant MoundsLocate the mound so you can destroy the queen. Rake the ant hill flat, and spot-treat with an insecticide. When using a liquid insecticide, drench the mound area. When using a gr... Read More »

How can i kill the clover that is all over my yard?

2-4 D Products such as: Weed B Gone, Trimec Classic or just Simply 2-4D Amine. These will be available at most retailers. It is way more cost effective to use either Trimec Classic or 2-4D amine, t... Read More »

How do I kill fleas in the yard?

Flood Your LawnFlood your lawn once a week during the dry season in your area with your sprinklers or a hose. Fleas are attracted to moist areas to lay eggs, but they cannot survive in water.Flea P... Read More »