How do I kill a possum with a rat trap?

Answer Catching a PossumSet up a rat snap trap in the location where you have spotted the possum and place bait at the back. You can use tuna, marshmallows or dog or cat food as bait. Set up a series of r... Read More »

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How to Trap a Possum?

Possums (sometimes called opossums) are nocturnal marsupials that scavenge for food. Possums are found in the Western Hemisphere and play dead when cornered. Possums can take residency in attics, c... Read More »

How to Make a Handmade Possum Trap in a Bush?

Although possums might look cute when they play dead, you likely won't find them cute when they take a peek into your garbage and leave a mess behind. During the day, possums hide in dark, cool pla... Read More »

Gardeners or others - Beside possum what other varmints have you gotten drunk trying to kill slugs with beer?

Skunks, 2 of them one time. It was really funny, skunks are so damned cute anyway.{{RScott}}

How to Make a "No Kill" Mouse Trap?

Is your mouse, gerbil, hamster, or other furry pet on the loose? Or maybe you need to catch a wild mouse that's scuttling around the house, either to keep as a pet or to deposit back outside when y... Read More »