How do I keep warm in a house with no electric?

Answer Using a Fireplace of Wood StovePut some wood in a fireplace or wood stove if your home has one, and start a fire. Do not use a grill or other means to start a fire in your house--the carbon monoxi... Read More »

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How do you keep your house warm during Winter?

By not using British Gas. Don't care about your prices and deals as last time I had a billing problem it took 22 phone calls over more than 12 months to sort it out, and when I had a quote for a re... Read More »

How does closing the curtains keep the house warm?

Curtains act as your windows insulation, maintaining a buffer between the heat contained in your house, and an outside colder temperature, that can easily seep into your home via weak spots that pr... Read More »

Is it safe to warm a kitchen with an electric stove?

Answer Probably not since it was not designed to do that. You can buy a very inexpensive electric heater that will do a better job for about $40.

How to Keep a Baby Warm With a Pavlik Harness?

A Pavlik Harness is used to treat hip displacement in babies up to eight months old. The harness is initially worn 24 hours per day with direct skin contact. As the baby grows, the amount of time t... Read More »