How do I keep warm in a house with no electric?

Answer Using a Fireplace of Wood StovePut some wood in a fireplace or wood stove if your home has one, and start a fire. Do not use a grill or other means to start a fire in your house--the carbon monoxi... Read More »

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Is it safe to warm a kitchen with an electric stove?

Answer Probably not since it was not designed to do that. You can buy a very inexpensive electric heater that will do a better job for about $40.

How warm is your house?

How do you keep your house warm during Winter?

By not using British Gas. Don't care about your prices and deals as last time I had a billing problem it took 22 phone calls over more than 12 months to sort it out, and when I had a quote for a re... Read More »

How does closing the curtains keep the house warm?

Curtains act as your windows insulation, maintaining a buffer between the heat contained in your house, and an outside colder temperature, that can easily seep into your home via weak spots that pr... Read More »