How do I keep squirrels away from bird feeders?

Answer You set up a bird feeder in your backyard to watch the birds as they come and go, and to help the birds that do not fly south for the winter have a source of food. Both are very good reasons to hav... Read More »

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How to Keep Cats Away From Bird Feeders?

Bird feeders add beauty and entertainment to your yard. Unfortunately, they also attract cats that wish to prey on the birds at the feeder. Preventing cats from stalking your birds is possible. By ... Read More »

How to Keep Squirrels off Your Bird Feeders?

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How to Deter Squirrels from Bird Feeders?

Red SquirrelSquirrels can make themselves a real pain when it comes to birdseed and suet. They will also destroy plastic and wooden feeders. Stop these rascals from being regular guests at your fee... Read More »

How do I keep squirrels away from tulip bulbs?

Chicken WireCover the newly planted bulbs with chicken wire. The tulip leaves can grow through the wire while preventing the squirrels from digging. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends... Read More »