How do I keep snapdragons blooming all summer?

Answer Cut the snapdragon's flower spike off as soon as about three quarters of the flowers have gone by, before any seeds have begun to form. Cut back just to the top set of leaves, so the snapdragon ma... Read More »

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Summer Blooming Trees?

Though spring steals much of the glory for flowering trees, summer also boasts a number of blooming trees. Gardeners who want to have flowers in the summer have a range of trees to choose from that... Read More »

Why Isn't My Endless Summer Hydrangea Blooming?

Endless Summer hydrangeas are a variety of the popular hydrangea family appropriate for cold weather growth. It grows well and survives the snowy winters of St. Paul, Minnesota where the Endless Su... Read More »

Spring and Summer Blooming Plants?

Flowering plants add color and texture to a garden and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. However, the blooming period for many flowering plants can be only a few days or weeks. To keep flowers ... Read More »

How do I keep hanging plants blooming all summer?

Remove all the spent blooms from the hanging plants. Dead-heading interrupts the life cycle of the plant---where the goal is making seeds---and will force the plant to produce new blooms.Water the ... Read More »