How do I keep rabbits from eating garden plants?

Answer FenceInstall a garden fence to keep some rabbits from getting to the garden plants. According to The Master Gardeners, a chicken-wire fence will work well. Bury the fence at least 4 inches deep to ... Read More »

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Do dogs keep rabbits and other animals from eating a garden?

Most animals that will invade your garden will do it at night. Its likely they just haven't found your garden yet, or they have found plenty to eat elsewhere. Id keep a close eye on the garden. A f... Read More »

How to Stop Rabbits From Eating Your Plants?

Controlling rabbits in your garden can become frustrating. Rabbits often hide out in tall grassy areas and they will stay in areas where they know they can feed off plants and vegetables. If rabbit... Read More »

How to Keep Rabbits from Eating Outdoor Plants?

Rabbits can be viewed as "pets" or "pests," depending on which side of the fence they are on. Rabbits foraging through a garden or potted plants fall into the pests category. Rabbits have a voracio... Read More »

How do i deter rabbits from eating vegetable plants?

Barriers and Habitat ControlUtilize a barrier in your garden to limit the rabbits' access. Even some chicken wire around the perimeter of your garden will help keep them out. You can use any type o... Read More »