How do I keep pasta from getting sticky?

Answer I put salt, butter & a drop of olive oil in the water. You don't add the pasta til the water is boiling. Then you let it boil for like 8 minutes. You know the pasta is done when you throw it to... Read More »

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How to Keep Spaghetti From Being Sticky?

Spaghetti is a quick meal that most people enjoy. Oftentimes, spaghetti becomes sticky after the noodles are done cooking in the water. Sticky spaghetti noodles diminish the entire dish. Cooking sp... Read More »

Pasta salad from ina gar ten where can I find the recipe for a pasta salad with angle hair pasta, tomatoes,bas?

This is probably the recipe you're looking for:…It looks delish! (:

I keep getting messages from porn sites from Yahoo Online .How do I get rid?

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.Click on an unsubscribe link on a spam e-mail !!!!!!!!!!All this does is inform the spam senders that your e-mail is live and they will send you more spamThey will be able to se... Read More »

How to Keep Your Scalp From Getting Irritated From a Perm?

One of the ways a woman makes her hair look beautiful is to get a perm. Doing so often allows for more flexibility in styling the hair and makes it easier to manage. While getting a perm has benefi... Read More »