How do I keep my tumblr icon the same but change the picture on my blog?

Answer Use a theme that does not show your tumblr dashboard icon on you tumblr page. Then, upload the Josh's picture online to generate to html code. (example: paste the html code to your ... Read More »

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How can I change my icon or "avatar" on tumblr?

Follow the instructions here to change your avatar/portrait.…Hope that helps~

How Do I Change The Name Of My Blog On Tumblr?

Depends on what you're talking about?If you mean the address, go to Settings.If you mean the title on the blog, go to Customize.

How do i change the title on my second blog on tumblr?

The title is defined on the 'customize' page for that blog. Ah, haha, I see they've changed how you get there. To get to that page: go to your dashboard, then click the 'blog settings' icon in th... Read More »

How do I change a drive's icon picture on a computer?

Browse for a New IconOpen “My Computer,” and right-click the desired drive. Select “Properties,” select the “Customize” tab and click “Change Icon...” A window will pop-up with all ... Read More »