How do I keep herons away from a fish pond?

Answer Motion-Activated SprinklerUse a motion-activated water sprinkler. Such devices squirt a strong stream of water when motion, such as a heron landing, is detected.StreamersHang reflective streamers f... Read More »

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How to Keep My Fish Pond Clean in Denver, CO?

Keeping a fish pond clean and clear in Denver is made easier by regular maintenance and the use of certain products. Pond vacuums and skimmer nets help to remove surface algae and other unwanted de... Read More »

What sort of bug looks like a fish with legs when it swims... and how do you keep them away from your pool?

I think what you are seeing is what we here call "boatmen." Once in a while, I find one or two in my pool, and I scoop them up and kill them. And they also bite and are tricky swimmers. I've notice... Read More »

How do I remove fish from a pond?

Partial RemovalUse a variety of methods to partially remove the fish from a pond. If it's just the case of needing to remove an overabundance of certain species in a pond, target those fish by catc... Read More »

How to Remove a Turtle from a Fish Pond?

People don't think of turtles as voracious eaters, but a single turtle can destroy a small fish pond. If you notice that your fish are disappearing, or are partially disappearing (sometimes a turtl... Read More »