How do I keep feta fresh?

Answer BrinePrepare a mixture of 1 part kosher salt to 4 parts water in a jar or container. Completely submerge the block of feta cheese in the mixture to maintain its moisture and salt content. Store the... Read More »

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How long does feta cheese stay fresh?

Feta cheese typically stays fresh for three months in the refrigerator if it is kept in the brine it was packaged in. It will keep indefinitely in the freezer, but there is a possibility that the f... Read More »

In USA, what do you mean by saying "Fresh Food, Fresh Meat, Fresh vegetables"?

Fresh usually denotes 'unprocessed food that hasn't been around long enough to have turned bad. Even "fresh from the vine' doesn't mean it was picked that day. On the contrary, Americans statistica... Read More »

I notice fresh asparagus makes my urine smell funky. Any other fresh veggies do that?

Throw some dried apricots, almonds & lentils in there - gotta watch those iron levels. A: kidneys. Seriously. Not that it's relevant to you now but the old breakfast faves of liver & kidneys serio... Read More »

Fresh sliced strawberries in cake or a fresh strawberry glaze filling?

Once you put the fondant on the cake, it is no longer strawberry shortcake. It is just a layer cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries. I would just go with a fresh berry and whipped crea... Read More »