How do I keep cats off window sills?

Answer Spray your cat with water from a spray bottle when it jumps onto the windowsill. This will solve the problem quickly, but cats still may enjoy the windowsill when you are not around.Cover the windo... Read More »

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How to Keep Cats Off of Window Blinds?

Do you want to protect those delicate blinds from your curious felines? Are you tired of your blinds falling from the windows when your cat wants to look outside? If you answered yes to any of thes... Read More »

How to Replace Old Window Sills?

Window sills can degrade over time, most commonly due to weathering and wear and tear. Your window sill will collect rainwater and leaves, both of which cause the wood to break down from natural de... Read More »

How to Remove Window Sills?

The window sill is the inside horizontal plate that sets directly against the lower sash, providing a seal from the outside weather. Sills typically stand out into the interior space by an inch or ... Read More »

How do I measure window sills?

Jamb-to-JambMeasure windowsills from left jamb to right jamb. To measure this way, place the measuring tape next to the left jamb of the widow, until it tucks into the corner. Lay the measuring tap... Read More »