How do I keep aquarium fish tanks clean?

Answer Daily CleaningUse a thermometer to check the temperature of your aquarium. The proper temperature will depend on the kind of aquarium you own. Visually check for sick or dead fish. Remove any dead ... Read More »

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Why do the Fish in a New Aquarium Keep Dying?

Setting up a new aquarium can be an exciting experience---that is, until all the fish in the tank begin slowly dying off. This phenomenon, often called "New Tank Syndrome," is extremely common in n... Read More »

How to Clean Used Fish Tanks?

In order to house any kind of aquatic life, an old fish tank needs to be cleaned extremely well to get rid of and avoid build-ups and toxicity on the tank glass. It is very important to remember th... Read More »

Can you keep fish&turtles in the same aquarium?

You can keep certain types of fish in the same aquarium as turtles. Plecostomus and rosy barb fish can live well with turtles and will also eat any algae that forms in the aquarium.References:Austi... Read More »

My Aquarium Water Is Good But My Fish Keep Dying?

Salt water aquariums can be complex and intricate bio-systems. The most successful aquarium keepers work hard to try to mimic the natural ocean. These types of aquariums have the highest success ra... Read More »