How do I keep a Venus flytrap alive?

Answer SoilPlace the Venus flytrap in soil that is low in nutrients. These plants are used to these conditions and will die if planted in a fertilized or nutrient-rich soil.HumidityKeep the plastic cage a... Read More »

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How big is a venus flytrap?

The carnivorous plant Venus Flytrap ranges in size and height according to environment. Flower stalks can reach 14 inches and the leaves up to 4.5 inches, including the trap of up to 1.5 inches.Sou... Read More »

Can i use rainwater for my venus flytrap?

Venus flytraps are very susceptible to chemicals in tap water. That's why the Garden Helper recommends only rain or distilled water. If neither is available, tap water can used be used if it sits i... Read More »

How do I pollinate a Venus flytrap?

Collecting PollenScrape the powdery pollen from one of the anthers on the flower using a toothpick. There are numerous anthers surrounding the green center of the flower, which is called the stigma... Read More »

How to Plant a Venus Flytrap?

Like other carnivorous plants, the Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is specially adapted to live in nutrient-poor soils. These plants catch insects in order to get the additional nutrients they ma... Read More »