How do I keep Elodea leaf alive?

Answer FertilizingAdd CO2 fertilizer and a high-quality aquarium fertilizer to the water of the aquarium that houses your Elodea, or Anarcharis, plants.LightProvide moderate light--at least 2 watts per ga... Read More »

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What is an elodea leaf?

Elodea is also referred to as Canadian pondweed and produces two-cell leaves. This leaf is often used for cytoplasmic streaming when placed under a microscope. This appears in most types of leaves,... Read More »

How to Observe an Elodea Leaf?

Elodea plants are aquatic and commonly used in fish tanks. Since the leaves are only two cells thick, you can see them very well under the microscope. The cellular walls of elodea leaves are semipe... Read More »

What do elodea eat?

Elodea (Elodea canadensis) is a perennial aquatic plant that produces its own food through photosynthesis. Elodea plants provide habitat for insects and invertebrates. The insects and invertebrates... Read More »

How do I buy elodea?

Fish StorePurchase elodea (also called anacharis) for your fish tank from a local fish store. Elodea is a plant found at most fish specialty retailers.Fish ClubAttend meetings at your local aquariu... Read More »