How do I join door molding with caulk?

Answer Cut the tip of the caulking tube with an opening a little smaller than the hole you'll be caulking. It's better to cut a smaller amount off the end and then cut more if you need to. Cutting too muc... Read More »

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Do you caulk between the crown molding&the ceiling?

It is not required to caulk between crown molding and the ceiling. However, especially in older homes where there is space between the ceiling and molding from the house settling, you can apply a ... Read More »

How do I caulk with polyurethane caulk?

Prepare the Caulk JointRemove dirt and loose paint from the caulk joint by running a paint scraper along both sides of the joint. Use a brass bristle wire brush to remove smaller particles and rust... Read More »

How do I caulk a glass shower door track?

PreparationRemove any old caulking with a razor blade. Wet a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, and run the cloth along the track to remove any soap scum and kill any dormant germs. Spray the area w... Read More »

How to Glue Molding on a Car Door?

Car door molding is the long rubber strips on the side of your car that protects your vehicle from the small dents and dings often acquired in parking lots. On occasion, the molding on your car doo... Read More »