How do I introduce a male cockatiel to a female?

Answer Introduce the two in a neutral area or the female's territory. A neutral territory is a place neither bird has ever been such as a new cage or play area.Provide a large area so the birds can get aw... Read More »

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How do I tell if a cockatiel is a male or female?

ColorLook for a bright yellow mask in male "normal grey" cockatiels. Males may also possess a brighter cheek spot, although this is not always the case. Females may have a dull yellow face or no ye... Read More »

How to Tell if a Cockatiel Is Male or Female?

Female spotted lutino cockatielHi, this page will tell you how to tell if a cockatiel is male or female without a DNA test (that would cost you a fortune!) please feel free to see!

When is a female Cockatiel ready to mate with a male?

A female cockatiel is physically able to breed when it is between nine and twelve months old. It is better able to take care of babies when it is between 15 and 18 months old, according to Mary Bet... Read More »

How do I introduce a third cat into the mix of a male and female cat?

Put the new cat, in her carrier, on the floor so she and the resident cats can see each other and pick up each other's scents. Tell the resident cats they have a new friend, and they're going to lo... Read More »