How do I install memory - I've been given 256mb?

Answer The slot is at right of the processor fan.

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Where is the 256mb memory on an Xbox 360 Arcade?

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade shipped with a 256MB memory unit, which must be plugged into one of the two memory unit slots on the front of the machine. These slots are located to the left of the d... Read More »

Can i add one 128mb memory and one 256mb to my computer?

They can be of different capacity but of same type\speed.

How many phtos does a 256MB memory stick hold at 3.1 megapixels?

Will a 256MB graphics memory card power a 2560 x 1600 monitor?

Several 256MB graphics cards, including the Matrox Parhelia DL256 graphics card, can power a 2560 x 1600 monitor. However, graphics cards that support these kinds of monitors must support up to 4 ... Read More »