How do I install lag screws?

Answer Drill a pilot hole about 2/3 of the length of the screw using a drill bit that is about 1/8th less than its diameter. Slide a washer along the shank of the screw and insert it into the hole. Begin ... Read More »

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How do you install a towel ring with concealed screws?

Answer Depending on the type it will come with small mounting bracket that is screwed into the wall and looks ugly. The actual holder will normally have a hinge on the back the rests of the top ... Read More »

How to Use Windage Screws?

Windage screws are part of a firearm's sighting system. The windage adjustment changes the aim point to the left or right while leaving the elevation unaffected. While gun scopes have a windage adj... Read More »

What are TEK 4 Screws?

TEK #4 screws are the "self-drilling" variety, which means that the bottom half of the screw looks like a drill bit, with threading restricted to the upper half under the head. These come in a vari... Read More »

How to Loosen Screws?

People who wield a screwdriver often master an old adage that helps them remember which direction to tighten and loosen screws: "Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey." The basis of the adage is to turn scre... Read More »