How do I install free LimeWire downloads?

Answer Select "Get LimeWire Basic" on the LimeWire home page to get the free version of LimeWire. When the file download pop-up window appears, choose "Run."Select the desired language of operation from t... Read More »

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Are there any free downloading programs that allow free music downloads legally (like LimeWire).?

There currently is no such thing. The only free music you are going to get is usually indie music. Popular music (the kind you hear on the radio) is copyrighted. Even if you download it for "fre... Read More »

How do I remove viruses from LimeWire downloads?

Download ProgramDownload and install a program for combating malware and viruses such as Malwarebytes (see Resources section). Right-click on the file you downloaded from LimeWire. Select the "Scan... Read More »

If I subscribe to Limewire Pro, would downloads be legal?

No, LP pro is a bit of a rip off - trying to con you into paying for a service which is free.

How do you sync LimeWire downloads to your ipod?

Well, Limewire frequently changes and has new ways. This is the quickest and easiest one but you must have the newest version of Limewire (not ITunes). It should be a picture of a superhero lime wh... Read More »