How do I install carpet in doorways?

Answer Keep an extended portion of the carpet padding and carpet over the flooring that the carpet butts up against underneath the doorway. Attach a carpet tack strip between the carpet and the other floo... Read More »

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How to Conceal Around Doorways?

Camouflage, the art of hiding something in plain sight, can easily be used to hide an unwanted or little-used door. By creatively decorating the space around or in front of the doorway, you draw at... Read More »

How do I lay hardwood flooring at doorways?

PreparationUse a jamb saw with a piece of hardwood flooring as a guide or support to cut away the door jamb and casing so that the hardwood flooring fits underneath it. If the flooring ends in the ... Read More »

Remodeling Entrance Doorways?

Some homeowners may want to remodel their front entrances every decade or so. A well-crafted door system and surrounding materials can begin to look outdated, regardless of how good it looked when ... Read More »

What are those knob-like things next to the doorways in British houses?