How do I install baffles in motorcycle pipes?

Answer Drill Holes in the Exhaust PipesDrill a hole through the exhaust pipes on the motorcycle, so that a pin can be fed through. The hole should be 1/8 of an inch. You can put more than one set of baffl... Read More »

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How to Install Baffles in Motorcycle Pipes?

Motorcycle exhaust baffles are important for maintaining the legal status of a bike. The baffle helps to decrease the decibel level of the exhaust note, which can be quite loud. Many areas have law... Read More »

How to Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Pipes?

Baffles are the rods inside the muffler and exhaust system that allow the heat from the exhaust system to move around and prevent exhaust noise. While this would seem like a useful feature in most ... Read More »

How to Install Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

The most common customization on any bike is the exhaust, and there is no secret why. If you want to really class up your cruiser, or get a different sound from your sport bike, putting on a new mo... Read More »

How to Take Baffles Out of Bike Pipes?

Exhaust baffles are used on motorcycles to regulate sound produced by the engine, as well as in the build up of back-up pressure. Some drivers, however, chose to remove their baffles to rev faster ... Read More »