How do I install a headset microphone for Vista?

Answer Plug the USB cable for the headset into one of the USB ports on your computer. USB headset microphones are common. Some types of headset microphones that will have red and green audio cables. You w... Read More »

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How to Use a Headset As a Microphone Mac?

Audio hardware on your Mac is quite simple. Audio signals are input through the microphone jack, and output through the headphone jack. The sound card will process all audio this way, regardless of... Read More »

What is a microphone headset?

The headset microphone, which consists of a microphone mounted to a set of headphones, was originally developed for use in sports broadcasting.UsesMicrophone headsets are widely used by sports broa... Read More »

What's an awesome microphone/headset under $60?

I am using FAKE Sony MDR-V900HD Headphones worth around 200$ for real but 30$ for fake and the sound quality is beyond awesome. Bought from ebay. Search for them and see if there are still some of ... Read More »

Why won't the microphone on my headset work?

Check your media player settings, if they are set to mute this will affect it. It certainly did mine.