How do I install a cartridge in a grease gun?

Answer Installing the CartridgeDisconnect the air hose if the gun is a pneumatic model. Pull the tab and remove the cap from the cartridge. Thread the tube into the gun head until it is in good and tight.... Read More »

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How to Replace a Grease Cartridge?

Grease guns are useful to lubricate the grease fittings on your car and lawn equipment. There are two methods of loading grease into a grease gun. One is to fill the gun with loose grease, which ca... Read More »

How to Load a Grease Gun Cartridge?

A grease gun is used to inject grease under pressure through specialized fittings, called Zerk fittings, to lubricate bearings, gears and other moving parts. Grease guns can be powered manually via... Read More »

How to Install Bulk Grease in a Manual Grease Gun?

Bulk grease for a grease gun is available in convenient, pre-filled grease cartridges. Many grease types and weights are available for many different purposes, from heavy machinery to automotive lu... Read More »

How to Install Bulk Grease in a Grease Gun?

The axle, parts of the brakes and other parts of your car's suspension require certain fittings to be packed with grease to keep internal metal bearings from wearing out or becoming damaged. The sc... Read More »