How do I install Windows XP from Linux?

Answer Use Windows XP Install DiskLinux is an operating system designed to be as efficient as Windows and Mac OS for a user's needs. You can install Windows XP from a running Linux machine; all you need i... Read More »

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How to install linux on windows 7?

Get Linux (UBUNTU) from here for install it on windows 7 you'll need WUBI installer So download this…1.To install Ubuntu, all you ... Read More »

How do I install Linux in Windows XP?

The Easy WayDownload and install Wubi. This is the most straightforward path to installing Linux inside of Windows. It will provide the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. Download the installer to you... Read More »

Can i install linux on other partition with windows xp?

RUN LINUX LIVE without committing yourself !There are two worth taking an immediate look at and both use the GNOME Desktop Environment being Linux Mint 6 and Ubuntu 9.04 and both are very easy to u... Read More »

How to Install Ubuntu Linux in Windows XP?

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions of Linux, largely because it is designed to make the process of trying, or switching to, Linux as simple as possible for Windows users. To this end, ... Read More »